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General Bass Fishing Discussion / Re: Night tournaments
« Last post by Jared on Today at 07:59:54 AM »
My late friend Bryan Kerchal showed me an awesome tip!

We were fishing a night tournament on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut back in the early 90's. Bryan took us to a beach that had many large bright lights on the shore. He started casting and before I knew he was boating a nice smallmouth. Then moments later, he was boating another.

"Hang on bro!" was my reaction. "Give me one of those black spinnerbaits please???"

Yep, he was using a black spinnerbait. It was a 3/8oz (by a local company in Danbury CT called Hankies) with a large black Colorado blade on it.

I believe the key with it though was that it was a black spinnerbait, being fished over a light sandy beach, with those big bright lights overhead. That combo was creating a beautiful silhouette for the fish to target.

We would cast that big black blade out and slow roll it to the boat. The fish were tearing it up in a major way!

Bryan won the tournament that night, of course.

Ever since that night so many years ago, whenever i fish at night, I am always seeking beaches. They are very hard to find so I often settle for docks or any place with over head lights that I can slow roll that big black spinnerbait. It works wonders.
The Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by Nitrofreak on Today at 07:51:27 AM »
Mornin peeps !!!

Lots of work the next two weekends, almost too much, ill be thinkin about all of ya and if you have a chance to get out on the water, please be safe, good luck !!!
Good luck everyone !!!!
The Club House / Re: tonights the night
« Last post by Nitrofreak on Today at 07:43:37 AM »
Good Luck man !!!
Lure Talk / Re: Finesse action - how much (or how little) is enough ?
« Last post by Nitrofreak on Today at 07:42:28 AM »
Thank you @SENKOSAM !!
The Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by bassmedic46 on Today at 07:41:51 AM »
Good .morning everyone, weekend is almost here. Hope everyone has a great day and a safe one.
Solunar tables are based on similar moon/solar phases, Doug Hannon published his tables for several years.
I did this chart for a seminar back in 1974 and the data came from log notes of my observations and measuring bass body temperatures shortly after catching them, then lower a temp probe down to the depth the bass was caught, made from 1965 to 1974. Seasonal periods were not well known or accepted back them. The reason I was invited to do a seminar was I caught a few lake records.
Thank you Tom for taking the time to answer my questions, much appreciated !! 
The Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by FRCBaits on Today at 07:32:47 AM »
Good morning!  Not sure the weather is going to cooperate.  It's dropped 25 to 30 degrees in the last 24 hours.
The Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by Jared on Today at 07:10:06 AM »
Good morning all! TGIF!

Our weekend fishing report contest is on again. :)

I hope  yall have a great Friday!

Rods, Reels, Fishing Line and Knots / Re: Info on this style hook
« Last post by Jared on Today at 06:55:26 AM »
The Owner Flashy Swimmer is a great head with Owners awesome center pin screw lock. The same center pin their Owner Shakey Ultrahead have. I love using these.
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hey, you, yeah you, why ya looking here? Why aren't you out fishing? Well? Go fishing and catch some nice ones. Then hurry back here and show us pictures of those bass and tell us all about your fishing trip. We want to hear it all. We care. We really do.'re still here? Well get fishing, my friend!

Tell ya what... you go fishing, come back here, post a nice accurate and detailed report with pictures, on our message boards above, and I will send you a pack of baits on the house. Be sure to message me by Clicking Here and let me know you saw this secret deal so I know to send you the baits. Also, don't tell anyone you saw this down here. We will let them find it on their own. Deal?


Now get! ;)

See ya soon buddy! :)