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I saw the Pitbull Tackle Cutters on Monster Fishing Tackle and was eager to try them.  I hear only great things about these cutters.
Looks like I'm going to have to order a pair!!
Catching Other Species of Fish / Re: Bull Bream aka Blue Gill
« Last post by Muddy on Today at 10:24:57 PM »
My first freshwater fishing was off and then to the side of the old 17 bridge on the New York side of Greenwood Lake in 1962. Ted Williams Approved 2 piece rod with a Mitchell Spinning reel. Bobber and pre- snelled small hooks and a can of worms I would dig daily. 
 Working bed of blue gills between mil-foil and lilly pads.
  What  a blast and on the outer fringes we would kill yellow perch.
   Next year over to the Bristol Bridge once in a while and the bigger gills in deeper water. One day a flash and a pull and my first Pickrel had taken my blue gill Thankful to my father for the chance to go away in the summers
I clip with a side cutter line clipper from Academy I stopped bite, when I got my dentures
Lure Talk / Re: Finally, an A-Rig bass
« Last post by Muddy on Today at 10:17:15 PM »
Growing up in Brooklyn, before I did any fresh water fishing, we fished the salt water all around us, Eventually got introduce to the umbrella rigs, which caught fish But I never cherished fishing by throwing a hardware store around all day, not for me, even though they work
Lure Talk / Re: Worms
« Last post by Muddy on Today at 10:14:37 PM »
General Bass Fishing Discussion / Re: Senior's Pass
« Last post by Muddy on Today at 10:13:01 PM »
I am currently living in this hell hole money suck California. Most state ramps 22 ramp fee with 10 parking or you can get a Senior Golden Bear package for 220 for a year, Lic is 48 without extra rod or salmonoid tags.You get 5 off for being a senior citizen One more year til retirement in South Carolina, this place is crowded, over rated and too expensive
I saw the Pitbull Tackle Cutters on Monster Fishing Tackle and was eager to try them.  I hear only great things about these cutters.

General Bass Fishing Discussion / Re: Senior's Pass
« Last post by Jig Man on Today at 08:58:40 PM »
It used to be 62 that's when I got mine.  Not sure if it has changed.
Site News and Announcement / MOVED: Senior's Pass
« Last post by Jared on Today at 08:54:54 PM »
This topic has been moved to General Bass Fishing Discussion, a better suited home for this great topic. (y)
The Club House / whew
« Last post by bobski on Today at 08:02:23 PM »
...WHAT A  DRAFT...the PACK  did  very very well........FYI  NFL FISHINPEDIA FANS...this year I will start the FISHINPEDIA  [PIC THE WINNER AND THE MARGIN...NFL  wager...once the season pick the winner and by how much WITHOUT GOING OVER  .ie Packers by 10  and wager a new piece of tackle.,,winner takes  all ...should be fun and FINALIZES  with  SUPER BOWL PIC AND MARGIN.,,you dont have to play each week during season.,,,,,,,,,,,BUT A GOOD TIME IS HAD BY ALL :fingers-crossed: :cool: :thumbs-up: :tobgue-out: :thumbs-up-02:
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hey, you, yeah you, why ya looking here? Why aren't you out fishing? Well? Go fishing and catch some nice ones. Then hurry back here and show us pictures of those bass and tell us all about your fishing trip. We want to hear it all. We care. We really do.'re still here? Well get fishing, my friend!

Tell ya what... you go fishing, come back here, post a nice accurate and detailed report with pictures, on our message boards above, and I will send you a pack of baits on the house. Be sure to message me by Clicking Here and let me know you saw this secret deal so I know to send you the baits. Also, don't tell anyone you saw this down here. We will let them find it on their own. Deal?


Now get! ;)

See ya soon buddy! :)