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Author Topic: [Spinnerbaits] Spinnerbait Tweaks  (Read 209 times)

Online Jared

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[Spinnerbaits] Spinnerbait Tweaks
« on: March 19, 2017, 11:02:43 AM »

Many folks fish their spinnerbaits just the way they come right out of the package. I am not many folks and I am guessing some of you are not either and like to tweak your spinnerbaits before fishing them. 

One thing I like to do is look down the bait from the eye to the hook and make sure the upper arm is lined up.

The next thing I like to do is to open the upper arm a bit so the blade is not so close to the hook. This will give it more vibration.

There are plenty more tweaks that can be done. Let's hear what lure tweaks you perform on your spinnerbaits.


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Other questions? Just ask me. I'm always glad to help.

Online Jigfishn10

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Re: Spinnerbait Tweaks
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2017, 11:22:35 AM »
I love this topic even though I have a love hate relationship with this bait. I love it when the fish respond to it and hate it when they don't, cuz I hate fishing slow.

Here's a tweak to wig em out with:

* Open the P-bend that holds the rear blade on and remove the front blade and clevis from the arm.
* Remove the rear blade from the split ring attached to the swivel and install the smaller front blade on the split ring
* Install the large rear blade you took off the split ring and add to the clevis
* Install the large blade and clevis on the wire arm of the bait and install the swivel to the end of the bait and rebend wire securing the swivel

What you should now have is the blades in reverse.

Go fish and have a ton of fun!  ;)

Online Jig Man

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Re: Spinnerbait Tweaks
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2017, 11:24:02 AM »
As I have said in other threads, I make most of mine except for the War Eagle baits that I buy.   I can now copy them to my satisfaction as shown in the pic.

I also use braid to keep the R from separating and shortening the life of the bait.  That can be important as I found out a couple of years ago on a 4 week fishing trip to Stockton Lake.  The fish were hitting on a white spinner bait and little else.  I could only get 2-3 days out of one because of all the wire rebending I had to do.  I ran completely out of white spinner baits and had to drive all over the area to find more.

With the way I use braid as you can see in the pic, I have not had any of them fail and I used on every day this spring on a 2 week trip.

If you want to add some serious flash to blades you can get an assortment of holographic duct tape at Wal-Mart or at Hobby Lobby but Wally is only half as expensive as HL.

If you're too busy to go fishin' you're too busy.

Offline Oldfart9999

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Re: Spinnerbait Tweaks
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2017, 07:15:30 PM »
Trim the skirt, change out blades, both size and color, always use a trailer hook, squeeze the arms together to increase speed, spread the arms to decrease speed, use a trailer, add weight, bend the blades up to increase or change the vibration, switch to more cupped blades to increase vibration.

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