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Author Topic: [Wire Baits ] Making an umbrella rig  (Read 81 times)

Offline Jig Man

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[Wire Baits ] Making an umbrella rig
« on: April 05, 2017, 10:37:59 AM »
In another thread Jared asked how to make them so I thought I'd share ways that I have made them.

The first thing you need is wire or a wire harness.  I did not know where to get anything so I used what I had on hand (electric fencing wire).  As a farm owner I have lots of it around.  I cut some into strips and fashioned a harness with 5 wires.  I took some 2 part epoxy putty and made a head.  I had the rest of the components (beads, spacers, snap swivels, clevises, and blades) on hand.

I don't have any of the originals left so I can't show pics.

A couple of years later I found a rubber mold and bought it.  My friends and I made so many of the that we wore the mold out.  My MacGyver grandson made me one from silicone and corn starch which I am still using.

I found a company close to me that made wire harnesses so I bought some from them.  They later sold out to Lure Parts on Line who told me that a minimum order would be 1000.  I am not interested.

I have use casting resin, epoxy, and Bondo fiberglass resin to make the heads.  I now only use the Bondo as it cures quickly.

Here are a few unfinished rigs.  The lower one is a purchased form the the others are homemade.

If you're too busy to go fishin' you're too busy.

Online Jared

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Re: Making an umbrella rig
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2017, 03:11:33 PM »
Not sure how I missed this post, JigMan.

I love it!

So the head that holds the harness together is made of bondo?   It doesnt stick to the mold? or am I misunderstanding.

I want to try to make one of these.

This is very cool!

You got  this down @Jig Man ! I love it!

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Offline Jig Man

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Re: Making an umbrella rig
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2017, 03:33:38 PM »
Yes it is bondo.  I have to coat the inside with oil to keep it from sticking.  The black mold go to where bondo stuck to it and ruined it.

The easiest way is to get or make a wire harness.  Get some of that stick epoxy.  Mush it around the harness to the shape of head you want and let it cure.


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