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A Basshole’s Creed. Learn it. Live it! Love it. Proud to be a Basshole!

A Basshole’s Creed. Learn it. Live it! Love it. Proud to be a Basshole!

Bass fishing it’s a hobby, a sport, a relaxation. Balderdash! It’s more than that. It’s a passion, an urge, a total obsession, an inexplicable way of life. It is the ying to my yang. It’s science meets art. It’s poetry in motion. It’s the vertex at which heaven and earth collide. It’s the reason I was put on the face of this planet. I am, therefore I bass fish.

I must think of bass fishing. I must read about it. I must talk about it. I must watch it. I must write about it. I must do it!

I must have my lines stretched and my thumbs tattered. I must see that mighty creature at the end of my line surging through the water, exploding the surface while shaking its head in defiance, a beautiful display of nature’s own definition for respect, valor and gallantry.

I must flip and pitch a jig into a Dixie cup for hours on end. I must spend endless hours skipping baits across the serene surface of the water. I must become one with my bait. I must become one with nature. I must become one with the bass. I must close my eyes and picture, within my mind, every twitch of my bait, every thump of my weight. I must imagine a cavernous mouth opening, inhaling my offering. I must ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

Smelling of garlic, salty to the taste, stray flashes of glitter permanently attached to my clothing and face. Every motion I make, or time in thought I take, all with the sole purpose of being a hardcore bass angler, a bassaholic. I am, and forever will be, a complete and utter Basshole!

~~ Jared Pease 2006

It takes one to know! Proud to be one!

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