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BaitCloud Brings In the Fish

BaitCloud Brings In the Fish

Oakville, Ontario – Put a pile of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies on a plate and, within minutes, people will come.

Resistance is, as they say, futile.

Different species, same outcome occurs when a sparkling school of baitfish undulates amidst the open waters of a lake, river or ocean. Might as well call ’em fish cookies, because the response from underwater predators is inevitable and equally predictable. It’s the exact cause-effect scenario stimulated by BaitCloud™ — a radical new fish attracting invention with exciting implications for anglers of all skill levels, and especially for those who fish from shore, ice, piers and other more stationary modes.

Put BaitCloud into the water near your fishing spot and good things happen. Just one year after the powerful attractor came to fruition, BaitCloud success stories have already exceeded expectations. And now, to help share this hot and happening news — that BaitCloud truly holds the power to bring the fish to you — the progressive company has engaged the services of fishing and hunting PR and social media firm, Traditions Media.

With its own proven formula of stimulating the sportfishing market with compelling product-based narratives, the Traditions team will immediately begin spreading BaitCloud’s message of eco-friendly yet highly potent fish-attracting products.

Referencing BaitCloud’s belief in potent marketing and public relations, Carl Rudnik, company co-founder and Director of Marketing, endorsed the new alliance. “A big part of our first-year success has been strong marketing, which can really move the sales needle. Given our growth curve we wanted to align BaitCloud with an agency that has bold fishing marketplace insights to help us be strong with our marketing, for the success of both BaitCloud and our retail partners. We really like the portfolio of industry companies currently being supported by Traditions, and think there will be some natural connections to help us develop multiple shared synergies.”

Traditions Media president Noel Vick, notes his group’s affinity for partnering with industry innovators. “Ultimately, we measure success by cash register receipts. But getting there requires a passion and talent for crafting a compelling fishing-centric narrative. You can talk features and benefits all day, but consumers need a persuasive story to relate to — a real reason to buy and use a product.”

BaitCloud co-founder and president, Cheryl Hopkins extols the “social” side of Traditions’ media prowess. “Our investigation for strong expertise in social marketing and content creation pointed straight to Traditions Media. BaitCloud highly values partnerships, and we believe our work with Traditions will build many new ones.”

“No question BaitCloud has created a potent, environmentally safe fish-attracting product truly unique to the industry — one that immediately benefits the everyday angler,” Vick adds. “It’s all about the everyday angler — the guy who hits his favorite shore spot and just wants to catch a few for dinner. Or the family looking to share the joys of fishing on a Sunday afternoon outing. We need more products that make it easier for the average angler to just go out and catch some fish. BaitCloud recognizes this, and we can’t wait to help spread the message.”

About BaitCloud
Formulated with a proprietary mixture of 100-percent biodegradable, earth and water friendly ingredients, BaitCloud Fish Attraction products utilize a perfect trifecta of sensory components—sight, sound and scent. BaitCloud’s slow-release fizzing action releases concentrated fish attractants into the surrounding water, creating a zone of fish activity. Delivered in seven species and situation-specific formulations, BaitCloud features the following formulas: Shad, Crawfish, Panfish, Walleye, Bass, Predatory, Carp

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June 2021

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