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Author Topic: [Catfish] Carp isn't even a category  (Read 173 times)

Offline Adam Mihara

[Catfish] Carp isn't even a category
« on: May 24, 2021, 11:43:29 AM »
I know very little about the intricacies of carp fishing. I understand that they are omnivores and opportunist bottom feeders. They seem to enjoy certain flavors more than others. Berries and sweet flavored items really seem to get them excited. They are ravenous and spend much of their time feeding. When I was younger I know many people just fished a bottom rig with corn. 

I went online and searched up carp techniques and found guys making "pack-bait." The idea of pack bait is to make a chum mixture and be able to hand mold it to a weight. The hook is hidden among this pack bait with a particularly juicy piece of bait on it. Fake flavored floating corn is even deployed! They tie it on a hair rig so it floats seductively over the packing. Hair rigs hold the corn behind the hook rather than impaled on the hook. Carp suck in the floating corn and the hook nabs them in the corner of the mouth because it is unimpeded by the bait. 

For me, the above is all theory as it has not been anything I've attempted successfully for carp.

I tried using a pack bait recipe last night and only caught channel catfish with it. I was not using a hair rig and the hook of choice was a size 1 dropshot hook on a salwater style rigging method. I did a dropper loop to a 1oz weight, packed it with bait, and then snuggled the hook inside the pack. It casted well and seemed to stay on the weight during casting. I threw a bit in the water to see if it would dissolve or stay in place. It stayed together well until bluegill tore it apart. The bites on the hooked bait came almost immediately. I had another rod out with catfish chicken liver nuggets to compare. The nuggets got hit harder but the corn definitely landed more fish. I think a smaller hook may have contributed to that success. Lighter wire hooks seem to sink into catfish flesh and mouths a little easier than thicker hooks typically marketed for them. They do fight hard so I wonder if bending out on bigger fish will become a problem?

Pack Bait Recipe:

This makes about a half gallon of packbait. Use a large tupperware or bucket for ease of mixing and transport later.

1 Bag of Oatmeal from the Dollar Store
1 Box of Grits from the Dollar Store (only use a 1/2 cup)
1 Can of Panko Breadcrumbs from the Dollar Store (only use 1/2 cup)
1 small can of Creamed Corn
1 small can of Whole Kernel Corn
1 Box of Strawberry Jello (only use 1/2 the bag)

Mix the dry ingredients by hand until everything is blended well. Once mixed, add the wetter corn and then the Jello last. Mix again until everything has a light pink hue. This mixture will be wet enough to pack in the hand but not too wet that it is extremely sticky. 

There is some refinement needed for my technique and I was disappointed that no carp were interested in my corn. Maybe I was in a bad spot? Maybe they don't feed while spawning? No one local seems to be an expert on carp. I've reached out to some UK fishermen to see what their thoughts are as well. Hopefully I can improve my chances of success. 

Linkback: https://fishinpedia.com/bass-fishing-forums/catching-other-species-of-fish-fishinpedia/24/carp-isnt-even-a-category/3043/

Tags: carp 

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