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Author Topic:  pan fish galore - too bad I needed a magnifying glass to see them!  (Read 1802 times)


Crappy averaged 8 1/2"; sunnies 4"-5" (about 50 or more), y. perch 7"-8" and one bass 1 3/4 lb.
All told, over 130 fish - some in small schools, many in loose groups of 8 or so scattered in one direction. Almost all caught in 6-8' on small, hand made, soft plastic grubs rigged on 1/32 oz jig heads.

You might think that 1/32 oz shouldn't cast far, but the plastic adds weight and I can cover quite a bit of water casting at least 25' with the wind. Seasonally, the lake starts to weed up pretty fast, but has clean deeper areas and rocky bottom areas near weeds that hold fish. The weeds will die off as they do every year starting in mid June thereby enlarging potential areas.

Once upon a time the lake had excellent size fish of all species, but without protection fish have been taken out of season, above legal creel limits and below legal size for years.  It amazes me when I catch 2-3lb bass and 10 or more 12" crappie though not often.  Being close to home, at least I have a place to try my lure creations. Because of funding cuts, the only time boat are rented by the county park are on week ends in summer. Got the whole place to myself except for the occasional kyaker or small boat angler.

Linkback: https://fishinpedia.com/bass-fishing-forums/catching-other-species-of-fish-fishinpedia/24/pan-fish-galore-too-bad-i-needed-a-magnifying-glass-to-see-them/1911/

Offline rivermandave

What state is this in Sam?

Offline KaRu Lures

sounds like a fun trip!  I'll be heading to Minnesota in June and hoping to get into a bunch of nice panfish myself and hopefully some nice big walleyes to boot! 


I'm located in southern NY and fish many waters in and near Orange C., including West Point waters and a tidal creek that empties into the Hudson R.

What I've confirmed in the last year or so is that some waters average only small fish of all species, while other have a fair share of larger fish of any species. Only three lakes I've found to hold smaller bass (none over 2lb) and mediocre - not worth keeping - pan fish. I can only guess why, but genetic cross breeding and overpopulation may have something to do with it as well as too many creels that hold only larger fish.

Lately I've been fishing with a buddy on a town lake that has excellent size perch, sunnies and crappie. But due to over harvest of bass and a lack of enforcement, not so large bass on average.
Almost every crappie we caught was over 10 3/4" , the largest over 14". By northern lake standards, that's impressive!  Of the 15 bass we caught, only one was over 2 lbs. 

Same applies to another lake 45 minutes away - great numbers caught/ smaller average size of all species. What's interesting about this lake is that it was off limits for five years so the dam could be rebuilt (the lake only needed to be drained to half). You would think quality would improve in that time. Nope! I'm thinking there is something possibly in the water that limits growth rates besides genetics (too much interbreeding) and less forage to go around, etc.)

Catching large pan fish on light tackle is a thrill no different than me fighting a 3 lb small mouth bass in a river current, which is why I fish for both and carry along tackle for both.


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