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Author Topic:  Color color color - where does the discussion end?  (Read 116 times)


Color color color - where does the discussion end?
« on: March 07, 2019, 08:31:48 AM »
Many anglers insist that the best way to catch fish is using lures that represent a local forage, believing that fish recognize certain lure features that mimic a real animal. On the other hand they also suggest changing colors of the same lure while still maintaining the lure still represents the same forage animal. Okay, sounds reasonable, but what about live bait anglers that at times catch more fish on live baits than lures? They don't have a choice of bait colors - what's in the pail is what gets cast. Who ever heard of dying an earthworm a different color or painting a crawfish with nail polish and letting it dry? How would one even begin changing the color of a shiner.

What's generally accepted is that live bait attracts strikes because of what each is/ as is. A worm wriggles and struggles helplessly on a hook and gills pick it apart; a shiner tries to swim away with a hook in its back, can't and then gets sucked in by a bass. Point is, both prey animals are shapes with actions, the colors of which change depending on light intensity. The lateral line doesn't deal with color - only motion, shape, size and action even in pitch dark. The eyes are a secondary sense that confirms what the lateral line senses but neither sense can think or recognize what is seen and felt. Prey moves a certain way and either gets attacked or ignored regardless the color. In fact I would suggest that very few fish have ever seen an earthworm their entire lives yet like what they see and eat it anyway !

Anglers that assign human traits to fish are fooling themselves more than the fish they're trying to fool but which can not be fooled simply because they don't know any better!  ;)

Linkback: https://fishinpedia.com/bass-fishing-forums/general-bass-fishing-discussion-fishinpedia/4/color-color-color-where-does-the-discussion-end/2878/

Offline Jigfishn10

Re: Color color color - where does the discussion end?
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2019, 10:20:05 AM »
It's funny you started this thread and your insight on live bait anglers never really hit home until you mentioned it. You are so spot on that live bait can't change colors and I always had one eye closed on this whole 'does color make a difference' debate that seems to pop up over multiple threads in multiple forums.

I never fully bought into color being a determining factor, but I also had doubts...LOL. What really solidified it for me was my most recent trip to FLA. The last day of my trip I was able to get a guide for 2 hours from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Not exactly the best hours of the day to go fishing, but I was on vacation so I really didn't care.

It turned out to be a very productive 2 hours with 10 bass landed, 3 more came unbuttoned and 3 swing and misses. My guide had an additional 4. I got 1 on a white weightless fluke, the rest on swimming senkos. Colors didn't matter. I used black, black & blue, pumpkin, melon and one that looked like a motor oil type color. So pretty much covered the color spectrum.

My guide used a lipped crank, a lipless crank and worm. Lipped crank was a baby bass pattern, lipless crank was a sexy shad pattern and I'm not sure about the worm.

Color on this day didn't matter, nor was presentation. I was mostly hopping the swim senko like a worm and got most bites that way. 1 fish came on a dead stick. I put the rod between my legs and got a drink of water after about a minute I picked the rod up and felt something heavy and a slight wag of the tail. I had bites while reeling my worm back to the boat the last 10-15' or so. Obviously my guide was horizontal fishing.

Did we just happen to be fishing when the bite turned on? Were we just in the right spot at the right time?

No clue to the above questions, but on this day color did not matter.


Re: Color color color - where does the discussion end?
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2019, 09:52:50 AM »
Were we just in the right spot at the right time?
I believe that the best anglers work at finding those spots and presenting lures that provoke fish to strike.
Granted, lure shape, size and action are a big part of whether fish will strike a lure, but as you said if color mattered that day someone would not have caught as many fish or one color would have stood out that caught the most fish. Too bad many anglers buy into what colors and which lures to use are best for reasons having nothing to do comparison fishing or in other words experimenting with different lure types and colors on any outing.

Years ago I fished a smallie river in the fall and cast soft plastics and spinnerbaits. It was a banner day as were the days that followed! Spinnerbaits had done well in some local largemouth lakes but I never used them as much for smallmouth. Plus, I wasn't sure blade sizes or shapes or skirt colors smallies would attack so I brought along a variety of both switching after four or more fish were caught. None stood out as more successful and some lessons were forever engrained and logged such as the many skirt colors that worked and that large willow leaf blades did as well as Colorado blades tandem and single. The first day, over 45 bass were logged along with lures they were caught on. That stretch of river was phenomenal that week but never again in following years.

Right place and time? Most definitely! But more important - color range on most days is large as are the type of lures fish will strike and that is the truth!

BTW thanks for replying.


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