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Author Topic:  What does it take for you to try something new when it comes to lures?  (Read 204 times)


I suppose it depends on many factors - the 1st one being experience level which depends on seeing different lures catching bass.

My versatility didn't increase dramatically until I joined a bass club and then rec fished with different members. Until then my choices were few: plastic worms or grubs. Spinnerbaits, skirted jigs, Spooks, crankbaits, etc., I only saw catch fish on different TV shows or read about in magazine articles. But  when I observed fishing partners catching fish on lures I had never used, all I can say is, seeing is believing !

But even though I saw a lure catch fish, didn't mean I knew how or where it was used. Most lures have limitations within their category and where they can be used best. Topwater lure uses are obvious - on surface or near surface only. So if I see someone get a bass on a PopR, I have to take into consideration where it caught bass: depth range, cover proximity or none, time of day, which months.  So in a sense it's not just simply seeing someone catching fish on a lure for the first time, but the other factors that fine tune its usage.

The first time I saw my tournament partner catch many small bass on a jig & pig 20 years ago, I had no idea what he was casting to since he shut off the rear sonar unit and made long casts into open water - or so it seemed. He was a very competitive secretive type and only after the tournament did I learn from a friend that he was casting to a shallow rocky hump surrounded by 15' of water. Again, seeing someone catch bass on a lure doesn't mean one knows the depth range and structure it is effective. Of course, I vowed to catch fish on that lure in a local bass lake even though I had a hard time believing a bass would strike something so dang unnatural looking! First time out - seven bass ins water from 4-12' near a rocky point; after that, I only used the j&p in similar waters not realizing the greater uses and trailers possible.

I suppose trying lures in spring is a good way to see if bass at least strike them at all, but I found that doing so was not a good test of them even if bass were caught because spring prespawn bass hit anything most of the time. The hard part is to continue fishing them in July and Aug. when bass scatter and go deep and hit better different times of day. But even finding those times and places on one water doesn't guarantee they'll do well on another different water containing different structure and depth. I found that out using five different lures in a very large, rocky bottom lake during a tournament where the maximum depth was over 40' and had few shallow weed beds. Didn't get a bite! (Guess I should have practiced fished that lake....)

So when you ask someone what they caught fish on the previous day, they may well be telling you the truth (or not), but as many pros have been quoted after a tournament : bass either left the area or needed a totally different lure to catch them. (This was before pre-fishing a water was illegal.)
Granted, I've posted many pictures of lures on this and other forums that I caught hundreds of fish on - 6 species no less!, but the waters I fish and the way I fish those lures may not be good for everyone in the waters they fish. Presentation is half the battle - location the other half, but only if the lure action, size and vibration is within a range bass will bite in that water, various times of day or in within certain months.

Is it worth it finding new lures to catch fish? Could be, but many of the classics still work to this day. (something I have to convince myself to take out of storage and dust off every new year and then actually use them.)


Linkback: https://fishinpedia.com/bass-fishing-forums/general-bass-fishing-discussion-fishinpedia/4/what-does-it-take-for-you-to-try-something-new-when-it-comes-to-lures/2783/

Offline Coldbasser

Frank I very much enjoy reading your posts as thought & experience go into your posts.
Hope all is well

Offline iamski

It takes me first of all is it something I feel or will feel confident using. Then I purchase it and give it an honest try to use.
Everyone has to believe in something. I believe I'll go Fishin.

Offline BassPunditBlog

I usually take a wait and see approach until a lure has proven itself.  I'm definitely not an early adopter usually.  

Offline Worm

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A lot of times for me Mr. Sam it took a lot of con jobs and sekling, I am at fault for being so gullible. I remember you from NY Bass and BassResource, I like your take on fishing, I have gone the other way in my life, the older I got I went to my 2 most successful and fun to use baits the Worm and the Soft Plastic Stik
Keepin It Simple and Reasonable

Offline joe waller

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Trying out new lures is a choice we all make at one time or another.  I have found that I like to experiment and try different combinations. Mix it up and sometimes I make the right choice or combo to score on the bass. Sinkosam in your post you are very knowledgeable and write with authority on your material.  It is a welcome site and pleasure to read.  Continue with the good work.
Put a rod in my hand and a boat under my feet and watch me catch bass.


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