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When I watch the Sweet Beaver in the water I can't but help think, what is it about this shape and action that get fish to strike. Having caught bass on the lure, I can only guess that something about the flapping tails, the bulk of the flat body from front to back and who knows what else get strikes.

I recently was watching a video recently on YouTube about this angler that videoed various creature baits for comparison and picked up on his biases. Big in his mind is curl tail action like one would see with the Brush Hog and the flapping tails of the Rage Tail - both good lures BTW. But lesser flap action is also not a factor for the Chigger Craw which has done well as a jig trailer. In fact I've used all of the above as trailers with skirted jigs and caught bass. 

Remember Uncle Josh's pork frog which was anything but a frog in shape? The first time I caught a nice bass using a #1 white frog on a green and white skirted jig, it occurred to me that it wasn't the simulation of a frog that got hit but the flat body that added bulk to the lure and the flapping triangular shaped tail that flutter like crazy. Like most decades ago, I used #11 black pork frogs because I fell for the BS that bass hang on longer because of the fat and salt. Could be, but for my money I bet something about the way the trailer/jig combination look and move is key as well as IMO the fact that ALL lures are creatures to bass and other fish species.

Consider how many lures bass anglers insist are simulations of one animal or another regardless of the fact they look like nor move like nothing in nature. Whether fish strike a lure to eat it is unimportant, that reason unprovable in any case. Most important are comparisons of similar yet different lure designs over time that catch more bass than others and go with that. But as usual anglers must categorize lures and lure actions, myself guilty of doing just that, which isn't a bad thing. Fish in general strike a galore of various lures made differently that move differently, many not just fluke hits. So in general, I can compare lure action and shape of similar lures, fish them and keep photographic evidence how well they do on a day to day basis and in my mind make an educated guess what it is about the lure that make is successful more often than other lures. More than that is finding various presentations the lure is useful. 

Pictures don't lie!
He has more videos - here's a few:

Though my forte is soft plastic lure modifications, I'm enthused by his suggestions and will put some of them to use for some of the hundreds of stored hard lures collecting dust. My goal is to always catch fish on something different at least a dozen times per year - different meaning modified
The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by bassmedic46 on January 01, 2019, 10:40:03 AM »
Happy New Years to everyone, I hope everyone has a great day and a safe one.
The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by Coldbasser on January 01, 2019, 08:00:16 AM »
 :D :D :DHappy New Year All 
The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by joe waller on December 31, 2018, 10:08:40 PM »
Good Evening All :)  As the midnight hour approches I want to wish all of you a BLESSED NEW YEAR and tight lines to all may we all catch a new personal best in the new year. GOD BLESS.    I was in a lot of pain last night had another kidney stone attack.  I managed to pass the stone this morning around 0830.  Now I'm back to normal I hope.
A couple of times on a spook and several times on an A rig.
The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by iamski on December 31, 2018, 10:47:52 AM »
Mornin all. Wanted to take this time on New Year's Eve day to wish the few still here Happy New Year. May the new year be good to us. Health, Land that fish of a lifetime and life in general.
Have an awesome day and to be safe out there please.
The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by iamski on December 30, 2018, 11:42:51 AM »
Mornin all, and hope all have a Happy New Year and a safe one too.
Joe I would of done the same thing too. Awesome news to hear about the wife. Mine is still hanging in and doing better with that copd. 
Well gang do hope next year this site will be back to the way it was.
Site News and Announcement - Fishinpedia / New Years Resolutions
« Last post by iamski on December 30, 2018, 11:36:15 AM »
Not sure where to post this, but did it here anyways.

My resolutions are about them same as last years. Only this year I would love to see this site jump back into the site it was in the beginning when Jared started it. Really miss the chats we had. Secret Santa's, bait tests, and most of all the comradely friends here..
The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by joe waller on December 30, 2018, 07:32:15 AM »
Good Morning All:)  I hope Santa a brought you all some more goodies to fish with.  I received a One Bass spinning reel from my son.  So the bait monkey bit me and I had to buy a new spinning rod.  Got a Dobins at Academy for $80.00 and the wife had a short temper tandrum.  Our bass club has gone to partners this year and Carl picked me as his partner.  First Tx will be on the 13th of January at Lake Martin.  My buddy Mark had knee surgery so I drove 170 miles one way to visit him.  The wife has started a new diet and has been improving in her helth and doing so much better.  GOD BLESS and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.  Tight lines guys and gals.
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