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The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by joessmokin on Today at 11:52:04 AM »
Morning All,

Worked a 24 hour shift yesterday got 4 hours of sleep a cup of coffee and off to see a friend graduate from nursing school.
Hope you all have a great day.

The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by iamski on Today at 09:47:02 AM »
Mornin. It's 28 now and 35 expected the high today. Hope all are enjoying a super day. Do be safe and stay warm. 

ESSEX, CT - Leading the prominent 2019 Northeast winter boat show schedule, the Hartford Boat Show (HBS50) will dock at the new Earth Expo Center at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut, January 17 through 20, 2019 showcasing every aspect of boating 

Sounds like you have it worked out for yourself.  Looks good to me.  I still have a good memory at 75 and can remember just about every place that I have caught fish over the years.  Still it pays to have a written record in the long run.  Thanks for your information.
The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by joe waller on Today at 07:04:02 AM »
Good Morning All  :innocent: I have been lacking in my posts.  I have read several of your posts and have strong feeling for all of you and hope that you all come thru with recovery's from illness and great luck in your fishing endeavor's.  I have been trying to get out hunting with no luck at all.  Have not fired a shot all season.  Fishing has been almost as bad for me. Failed to get a bite in my last Tx, finished in 8 place in club standings for the year and that was after missing five of the 12 tournaments.  Christmas party on Saturday with the Bass Club.  We donated $500.00 to the Cancer research foundation since our Club President came down with Cancer and is on remission.  I got permission to fish a private lake about a mile from my house and it is loaded with bass and brim.  Caught 26 bass that weighed in at 75 pounds.  Have been taking the wife shopping and I stay in the car and read while she spends her money.  You all take care be safe and GOD BLESS and tight lines to all who are able to get out and fish.  Ski  glad to hear the wife is home and doing better. Joe good luck to you.  Coldbasser looking forward to fishing with you again this spring.  
The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by iamski on Yesterday at 10:05:50 AM »
Mornin all. Hope your warm and having an awesome day. Please do be safe out there. 31 here now might hit 36 for high today.
The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by joessmokin on December 11, 2018, 09:22:03 PM »
Evening All,

Sunny day here with highs near 40. Warmer weather headed my way but with rain. Have an early day tomorrow starting at 4 am tricking my body and telling it is a fishing morning  :shh-125:

Need to get the house paid off so I can tournament fish more so off to work I go.

Have a great day
But considering how cold it is, some cabin fever speculation is inevitable. Here's one I thought you might find applicable regarding fish responses to lures. Let's get some definitions out of the way:
Voluntary Actions:
A voluntary action is basically an action which you yourself initiate by your own conscious. Your cerebral cortex (brain) sends impulses from it to the effectors (muscles or glands) via the spinal cord with relay neurons and finally a motor neurons. This action is under the control of the will thus is known as a voluntary action.

Involuntary Actions (Reflex Actions):
Involuntary actions as their name suggest, are total opposites of voluntary actions, a reflex action is not under the control of the will. In this case, your spinal cord takes total control, without your own conscious. Reflex actions controlled by the spinal cord, example scratching, are called spinal reflexes. There are also cranial reflexes, example blinking, that are controlled by the brain but not by the cerebral cortex. Brushing, sneezing and salivation are also reflex actions however, salivation is also known a conditioned reflex action.

(Note the above words in bold - some comparable, some not to fish.)

Now for some speculation
1. Two major sense related stimuli account for the strike: visual and vibration (odor/taste rarely). Both may account for the initial lure detection or just one.

2. Fish brain anatomy is reflexive in nature meaning that simple detection/response is the norm. Absence of a cortex explains why fish strike unrealistic looking and acting lures.

3. Reaction times may vary depending on the stimuli from the time of detection. In all cases,  humans and fish either react swiftly or with a delay.

Anglers want to believe fish assess what an object represents. As a tester of hundreds of lures, I believe they don't even when the strike is delayed. A fish may stare at and object before striking, but inevitably when it gives that object that much attention, it's bound to strike in its good ol' time.

Object detection includes the minute or obvious details an object possesses: action, color, size. The right combination with the right presentation forces the strike response and more so when other fish are seen to attack. The fact that seeing other fish caught on the lure had no relevance indicates the strike was unavoidable thereby supporting this maxim: danger is in the eye of the beholder.

Fish see hooks attached to lures yet strike anyway because that direct path from senses to the on/off conduit in the brain to muscles is key to most strikes. Feeding is in all likelihood is reserved for living things that fit the simple pattern of stimuli fish accept as representing food: bugs twitching on the surface, subtle gill and fin motions of prey fish, wiggling caterpillars, etc. That's not to say lures don't simulate those actions, but that fish instinctively sense the difference. Note I didn't say know the difference.

So in conclusion, fish strikes are basically involuntary when it comes to lures whether immediate or delayed, yet voluntary when it comes to prey. Making sure a lure represents prey is an unnecessary human rationalization; knowing lure actions and other factors that initiate strikes, are key in simply making fish react the way we want them to. (Remember the bull & cape response analogy minus animal anger?) Lures stimulate a response via the senses and nothing more.

A question to ask keeping the above in mind concerns the following lure examples:

The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by iamski on December 11, 2018, 09:29:38 AM »
Mornin all, hope all have a great day and do be safe. Also stay warm if your up north. 
Thanks Joe for the kind words. She's glad to be hope too.
It's 24 here now and expected only to hit 36 for the high today. Maybe 5o on the weekend with some rain.
The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by joessmokin on December 10, 2018, 09:26:41 PM »
Evening All.

Just finished one of my normal 12 hour day, which I greatly appreciate after only having 24 hours last week.
Ski, glad to hear the wife is home. 
The Fishinpedia Club House / Re: Good Morning All! :)
« Last post by iamski on December 09, 2018, 11:58:01 AM »
Mornin all. It was 17 here at 7am. It's now 33 and not going to get any higher. 
Wife came home from hospital yesterday. Dr. said it'll take about 2 weeks to get back to normal. Hope all have a great day and do stay warm and safe.
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