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Title: Lake Guntersville and Weiss last weekend
Post by: joe waller on August 01, 2018, 05:37:46 AM
Last weekend I made a trip up to my buddy's Mark Pike home.  We had made plans to fish Guntersville and Weiss.  On Saturday we hit Guntersville and had a good day of fishing.  We put in at B.B. Comer bridge and went up from there.  I was the first to score with a 14 incher on a Sinko .  I scored again on a 2.5 LM same bait.  Both Mark and his grandson had filed to catch a fish. We moved up to another creek where I scored again on a 12 incher.  We then went to North Saudi and ate lunch.  After lunch we hit Roseberry creek.  We used buzz baits and had over fifty hits and landed a total of 15 the largest was 3.54 which was my last fish.  At 1600 we packed it in and made the drive back to marks house.  Mark and I fished Sunday morning on Weiss.  Mark wanted me to throw his custom make cranking rod.  I threw it until I caught a couple of bass. The first on was about 5 inched long.  I made a few more casts and had a hit.  I set the hook and told mark it was another small one, I played the fish and when I got it up where I could see it I called for the net.  Mark looked at the fish and put the net under the bass and lifted it into the boat.  He said another small one my butt.  I weighed the bass 4.15.  Mark said that he did not like the handle of the new rod and so I gave him the price of the rod so he could get him a new one with cork handles. We wound up with six fish by noon and I had to make the 175 mile trip home to Columbus, Ga.  
Title: Re: Lake Guntersville and Weiss last weekend
Post by: lipripper on August 01, 2018, 02:41:12 PM
joe thanks for the report and glad y'alll were able to put some fish in the boat on both days. I have always wanted to fish Guntersville.