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Author Topic: [Spinnerbaits] A Case for Inline Spinners  (Read 149 times)

Offline Adam Mihara

[Spinnerbaits] A Case for Inline Spinners
« on: November 06, 2018, 11:06:34 AM »
"You offend me with your use of an inline spinner. That's a trout lure." - My Italian Bass Fishing Friend

For the most part Francesco is right. I even offended myself that I had to stoop so low as to pull out a French spinner on my most recent bass fishing trips. I'll be honest, you're not going to find one tied on the end of my line in most fishing situations. But I am a whatever it takes type of angler. During the Fall of the year I have found the inline has a niche. When fish are seemingly tight lipped, the inline can save the day and change your entire perspective on the lake or river you are fishing. 

On a recent trip, I began my day with a full size spinnerbait. I immediately caught a keeper bass on it which boosted confidence sky high. About 5 short strikes and follows later my confidence waned considerably. For the next couple hours I did not get a bite on anything I threw. I looked at my deck of rods and saw I had an inline spinner snagged in the carpet of my boat. I tied it on a spinning rod that previously saw a swimbait/jighead combo go untouched. First toss with the inline and I hooked a large pickerel. A few casts down the bank and a bass crushed it. I continued to get bit by bass and pickerel for the rest of the day including a nice 3lb bass and 5lb pickerel that bit me off. I switched to a new smaller inline and a 4lb bass hammered it but was able to escape due to the small hooks. I knew I was onto something here. 

2 days  later I was fishing a different lake. This time with an inline spinner and large swimbait in hand. There are many gizzard shad in this lake so both my offerings were in a silver/black combo. The 7 inch swimbait went largely ignored where the small 1/6oz inline got smashed by hyper aggressive fish. Small shad about 2 inches long were schooled in little balls and getting blitzed by hungry bass. These fish were keying on those smaller shad and I knew when a bite was coming. The inline was a perfect imitation and had a much more subtle splash on the cast. Burning it under the surface with an occasional rod move or reel handle stutter would trigger the strikes. 

So is the inline spinner a legitimate tool? Absolutely, yes. Give it some serious consideration when bass are short striking and keyed on smaller baitfish. 

And now my gripes. No one has built a modern inline spinner that has the components I would love to see.
#1 A sharp strong hook capable of hooking and holding a bass 3lbs+.
#2 A swivel line tie that will help cut down twist but not change the action and size of the lure
#3 A more natural body shape and color that corresponds to the blade shape.
#4 Hooks held on by a small split ring so they can be changed when dull
#5 Various Hook and Trailer options including treble hook, double hook, single hook, weedless, bucktail, feathers, soft plastic, or silicone.

Linkback: https://fishinpedia.com/bass-fishing-forums/lure-talk-fishinpedia/10/a-case-for-inline-spinners/2848/


Re: A Case for Inline Spinners
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2018, 06:16:45 PM »
Haven't used Mepps for over 40 years. I my curiosity is piqued! Guess I'll have to make some with different components (like those mentioned) and try them out in my pond to see lure action and flash. I have the perfect soft plastic baits to hang on the hook. Considering the recent success I've had with my homemade Beetle Spins, in-lines should do almost as well.


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