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Author Topic:  Just because I don't like how a lure moves does'n't mean a fish doesn't  (Read 176 times)


When I watch the Sweet Beaver in the water I can't but help think, what is it about this shape and action that get fish to strike. Having caught bass on the lure, I can only guess that something about the flapping tails, the bulk of the flat body from front to back and who knows what else get strikes.

I recently was watching a video recently on YouTube about this angler that videoed various creature baits for comparison and picked up on his biases. Big in his mind is curl tail action like one would see with the Brush Hog and the flapping tails of the Rage Tail - both good lures BTW. But lesser flap action is also not a factor for the Chigger Craw which has done well as a jig trailer. In fact I've used all of the above as trailers with skirted jigs and caught bass.

Remember Uncle Josh's pork frog which was anything but a frog in shape? The first time I caught a nice bass using a #1 white frog on a green and white skirted jig, it occurred to me that it wasn't the simulation of a frog that got hit but the flat body that added bulk to the lure and the flapping triangular shaped tail that flutter like crazy. Like most decades ago, I used #11 black pork frogs because I fell for the BS that bass hang on longer because of the fat and salt. Could be, but for my money I bet something about the way the trailer/jig combination look and move is key as well as IMO the fact that ALL lures are creatures to bass and other fish species.

Consider how many lures bass anglers insist are simulations of one animal or another regardless of the fact they look like nor move like nothing in nature. Whether fish strike a lure to eat it is unimportant, that reason unprovable in any case. Most important are comparisons of similar yet different lure designs over time that catch more bass than others and go with that. But as usual anglers must categorize lures and lure actions, myself guilty of doing just that, which isn't a bad thing. Fish in general strike a galore of various lures made differently that move differently, many not just fluke hits. So in general, I can compare lure action and shape of similar lures, fish them and keep photographic evidence how well they do on a day to day basis and in my mind make an educated guess what it is about the lure that make is successful more often than other lures. More than that is finding various presentations the lure is useful.

Pictures don't lie!

Linkback: https://fishinpedia.com/bass-fishing-forums/lure-talk-fishinpedia/10/just-because-i-dont-like-how-a-lure-moves-doesnt-mean-a-fish-doesnt/2872/


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