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Author Topic:  Maybe superstition isn't so bad - who knows except the fish?!  (Read 895 times)


superstition - a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation

I must admit that I indulge in a bit of superstition when it comes to lure choice. A tried & true lure speaks for itself in the numbers of fish caught over time. The skirted jig & trailer are one of my best bass lures, no question, but what about skirt and trailer color, trailer design and skirt fullness? Years ago when only living rubber was the only skirt material, I opted for solid black and black/blue but never white. Not too many years ago I noticed that anglers reported in BASS magazine the use of white skirts and trailers. To this day I have no desire to use white - a superstition on my part.

But then comes along a skirt jig tyers dream - silicone skirts in more colors than you can imagine, in more patterns and flake colors. Goodbye black! and just another superstition that one skirt material is or could be superior to the other that if I remember correctly caught large numbers of bass. As usual, the confidence factor is a big one - no confidence in a lure = no fish caught on it (unless your buddy slays them with it). And though we have confidence in a lure and opt to believe the reasons it catches fish, doesn't mean those reasons are valid, such as skirted jigs represent crawfish to bass (though not in white).

As a lure-ologist - one who dissects which lure designs do well and why based only on design and maybe color factors, I don't dwell on a fish's IQ (which is zero) as to why it strikes. As I posted recently, fish are reactive when sense overload is achieved by certain lure attributes. I don't care what the lure is or how it moves as long as it provokes a fish to bite and maybe bite multiple times until getting hooked (IE a fish that's on speed!) Natural looking is just another superstition many believe is appreciated by fish that don't know natural from supernatural and almost always tend to strike unnatural looking and moving lures. But what is it that causes them to strike? That's where trial & error proves once and for all those that claim to be great and those lures that are. No superstition there!

But even then, I still have preferences when it comes to specific colors for specific lure designs and need not look further - unless of course I need to prove most colors work for a design. In that case, I'll cast many colors in one lure type once I'm on fish just to prove that action speaks louder than color. About twenty years ago I got into smallmouth bass big time in one section of river and I had with me willow leaf spinnerbaits of different skirt colors. ALL colors CAUGHT FISH! in fact all thirty or so. I repeated the experiment for largemouth in another lake and again all colors worked for over twenty bass in shallow water in Oct.

Here is my superstition when it comes to certain soft plastics. When casting minnow shaped lures, I can't go wrong with translucent water melon with black and gold flakes. Pearl is also acceptable. But then again so is solid pink and solid or translucent chartreuse anything but black. Strange since I have caught many bass using black Mr Twister grubs. But one thing about having confidence in a lure is that I seem to unconsciously impart a special action to a lure that has caught hundreds of fish of different species. It seems the rational mind ignores  all the reasons or superstitions I have for using the lure, but part of my brain instructs my hand to work it just right regardless.

Nice that fish have no clue why we cast lures just as long as they have no reason - period!

Linkback: https://fishinpedia.com/bass-fishing-forums/lure-talk-fishinpedia/10/maybe-superstition-isnt-so-bad-who-knows-except-the-fish/2690/

Offline Oldschool

Re: Maybe superstition isn't so bad - who knows except the fish?!
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2017, 02:07:04 PM »
Never thought about lure supersitition, fishing in general yes.
Lucky hats, shirts, routines, food, colors are common among competitive people who, like me, don't like to make changes to success.
The lure color that comes to mind as being superstitious is yellow top water, I avoid it. My lucky color for underwater lures is purple, usually or nearly always start with something with purple, supersitition? Making a short cast to get my line wet before fishing with that rod/reel/lure another superstition....or quirk?


Re: Maybe superstition isn't so bad - who knows except the fish?!
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2017, 10:30:22 PM »
My lucky color for underwater lures is purple, usually or nearly always start with something with purple, supersitition?
I think that using something such as a particular color and doing well on it, prompts an automatic and natural association with it's success regardless of other factors most likely the true reason(s). Such would be lure design and presentation not being accounted for as most significant. And then there's the failure when using certain colors, lure designs and presentations that don't do well prompting the belief the lure has no place in anyone's tackle box or is of very limited use. (I have a basement full of such lures.)

Purple for you is a tried & true color using specific lures. If you gave a reason for it's success such as it looks like a prey animal's color, that would be a superstition based on a false assumption and an unprovable assertion that color alone can make all the difference.

I am constantly (maybe pathologically) searching for new soft plastic lure designs and hold no illusions why they work or don't. Just the fact that certain ones work over many outings strongly suggests that lure action and other factors are primary, color secondary but also important when it comes to my confidence level using certain lures.  Guess you could say: success breeds more success regardless the reason. Even my suspicions for catching fish on certain lures may be in reality false, such as the seemingly magical actions they demonstrate, but action and catching speak loudest. Even false assumptions bordering on superstition or attributable to ignorance can still prompt success almost like magic. 

Magic, superstition?.... one in the same.

Offline Oldschool

Re: Maybe superstition isn't so bad - who knows except the fish?!
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2017, 10:20:51 PM »
Way back in the late 60's (1968) purple vinyl jig skirts became avialble along with Purple Pedigo L3 $ L4 pork rind trailers. The PVJ was born along with my 1st 40 lb NLMB limit at lake Sherwood. Mann's came out with Black Grape Jelly worms shortly after and my 1st Otay lake record FLMB; 14lbs 7 oz, as record that lasted 3 days! SuperFloat purple worms came out that same year and became a jig trailer when splitting the the tail 4" on the PVJ.
What does purple look like to a bass, only they know.


Re: Maybe superstition isn't so bad - who knows except the fish?!
« Reply #4 on: November 21, 2017, 08:19:30 AM »
What does purple look like to a bass, ?
Probably a color different than what we see out of the water.


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