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Author Topic:  What determines whether a lure is great, average or not worth casting?  (Read 28 times)


I've been making many of my own lures for a while and most have caught fish, but I wondered what separates those than catch from those that don't. But then it just occurred to me that much of the time a lure is only as good as the angler using it and if certain conditions are ignored few lures can prove their stuff or provoke strikes.

One factor that is extremely important is where a lure is used - depth being upmost in importance. Many anglers like myself like to fish water less than 10' deep and that usually requires different lures than those that are used in water water 15' or deeper.

For example, I fished a deep reservoir with a friend a few years ago but didn't have crankbaits that dived deep enough over an old roadbed on the bottom. My partner hooked me up and I hooked bass in water at least 15' deep. Of course there are many other lures I could have used that effectively catch fish in 15', but when the deep-dive crankbait bite is on, why bother?  

On the same water we hit steep shorelines with steps going down and my jig & trailer did fine in water around 7' deep. He tried a drop shot but nada. Would a spinnerbait have worked? Maybe, but again I wanted to cover the bottom with the fastest presentation needed - but not too fast. And I didn't want to cast lures that were too slow dropping, too small in profile and having too little action such as many finesse designs exhibit. And so rather than use a light 1/4 oz jig, I cast a 1/2 oz jig for a greater vertical speed.

So, those lure examples are those that excel in deeper water along with modified presentations  that provoke the most strikes and those I have the most confidence in. So what is it about shallow water that's different when it comes to lures? First off, there are more lures that can be fished shallow in comparison to those used in deep water. Take the Senko - please! What depth do you prefer to use it? As for myself, 6' or less and a great design in shallow water.  But as good as the Senko is, there are other shallow-use lures that cover more water effectively and in all lure categories. But among those categories, a few stand out.  

Shallow water lure designs are limited only by the imagination and the actions of many are unique. Having experimented with new soft plastic designs and caught fish on them, has shown me that bass and other species are far less picky much of the time than using crankbaits or spinnerbaits. Slower presentations in shallow water are the reason. In fact most of these baits can be used by most anyone to catch fish with even a little bit of skill, but only as long as fish are shallow or near shallow water (IE near a break into deep water).

So, though I would prefer to take credit for phenomenal lure designs, I can't, seeing as how very many shallow water designs work more months of the year and for more fish species. It could be said that shallow water bass are more susceptible to lures whether suspending or active and those lures don't need much talent to catch fish except a twitch here and there to get hit.

What we use and how we use it will always depend on where we use it to catch fish, the best lures always dependent on those factors.

Linkback: https://fishinpedia.com/bass-fishing-forums/lure-talk-fishinpedia/10/what-determines-whether-a-lure-is-great-average-or-not-worth-casting/2801/


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