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Author Topic:  Is Mono making a comeback?  (Read 1565 times)

Offline Oldschool

Is Mono making a comeback?
« on: August 09, 2018, 11:15:05 PM »
Reading the ads like Sufix Advance mono claiming superior strength, abrasion resistance, knot strength, low stretch and casting performance reminds me of when Fluorocarbon line 1st hit the market.
If you add invisible to fish with a light refraction that equals water and you have FC line.
I have been using Sunline Shooter since the mid 90's, over 20 years now.
What I learned was every FC line has marginal knot strength. More knots have been introduced to bass fishing since FC line has been accepted across the country and for good reason. I liked FC's low coeffient of drag going through water and it's a little heavier then water making it a good line for bottom contact lures and knowing bass are not line shy fish never bought into the low light refraction claim. The fact that FC line fails at random times is like a rattle snake in the wood pile, you never know when it may bite you.
About 4 years ago Sunline came out with Defier Armilo Nylon mono line with small diameter per lb test, low stretch, good abrasion resistance, excellent knot strength and casting performance. Prior to Armilo my mono choice was Berkely Big Game for decades. Starting out with 25 lb Armilo for swimbaits like 8" Hudds and other large swimmers I was impressed and haven't had any line failures in over 4 years. Next I tried 11 & 13 lb  for my crankbaits and top water lures replacing my Big Game. Added my wake baits with 25 lb Armilo.
Armilo isn't availble in line test under 11 lb unfortunitly. For my Fineese presentations I changed Sunline Sniper 7 lb to Maxima 5 lb. Ultra Green.
I still use FC line for a few presentations where bottom contact lure like jigs  and worms, but 11 lb and 13 lb Armilo works and may become my go to line replacing FC all together.
So what about Sufix Advance? too large of diameter compared to Armilo!
Sufix Advance    Sunline Armilo
08 = .0100         11=  .0108
10 = .0120         13 = .0118
12 = .0140         15 = .0126
14 = .0150         17 = .0134
17 = .0160         19 = .0142
20 = .0200         22 = .0150
                     25 = .0159

Line diameter should be the baseline to determine mono or FC performance.

Linkback: https://fishinpedia.com/bass-fishing-forums/rods-reels-fishing-line-and-knots-fishinpedia/9/is-mono-making-a-comeback/2822/

Offline lipripper

Re: Is Mono making a comeback?
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2018, 03:59:03 PM »
Tom thanks for all the good information. I use to use Mono all the time until I started using Power Pro but I'm thinking of going back to mono on my UL spinning rods.

Offline Oldschool

Re: Is Mono making a comeback?
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2018, 12:26:20 PM »
Unfortunately Sunline doesn't offer Armilo under 11 lb test.
I am currently using Maxima Ultra Green 5 lb (.008 dia) for my spinning finesse presentations, it is equal in strength to most 7 to 8 lb test FC line and offers exceptional abrasion resistance.

Offline Duke of Dinks

Re: Is Mono making a comeback?
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2018, 01:01:41 AM »
For me it never left. I have always used mono,most of my younger life ( I am 68) I used Stren Original last 15 years Bass Pro Excel, 10# on the Baitcasting Outfits, and 8 # on the 2 spinning combos, more than happy and very reliable and reasonable cost
Keepin It Simple and Reasonable


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