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“Bass in the Grass & Pads”, ‘Tonight’s Chat, Thursday, June 8th, at 8:30pm EST

“Bass in the Grass & Pads”, ‘Tonight’s Chat, Thursday, June 8th, at 8:30pm EST

Now that the waters across the nation have warmed, grasses and lily pads that had receeded during the colder months are now back in full. These weedy, oxygen rich haunts provide our quarry with shelter, security, food and relief from the hot summer sun. They are the picture perfect cover that we all dream of when we dream bassin’. However, getting the fish from within can often be a challenge for many anglers.

Tonight, we will explore the many methods that can be incorporated to productively fish lily pads and  other forms of emergent grass beds. Punching, pitching, flipping and frogging are just a few of these many methods that we will discuss, tonight.

Please come chat with us TONIGHT, Thursday, June 8th, as we focus on “Bass in the Grass & Pads” the many types of grass and the techniques, baits and tackle to catch the fish who call them home. Share your stories, opinions and advice or ask any questions you have. Come join the fun. There will be a lot of useful information shared for sure. Members will start arriving after 8PM Eastern and chat will start officially at 8:35PM Eastern Time and 7:35PM Central Time.

To join us, just be sure to be logged into the forums and click the “BASS CHAT” button at the top of the Quick Links menu in the upper left of the site.

I look forward to seeing everyone in chat.

Tattered Thumbs, Jared

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