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The “Match the Hatch” Theory Explained

The match the hatch theory was originally used by trout fishermen, but later adapted by bass anglers. Matching the hatch simply means observing the type of forage in the body of water you are fishing and choosing a lure that mimics that forage in size, species, and perhaps most importantly, color. So the forage in the water, whether it be shad, minnows, night crawlers, herring, crawfish, frogs, etc. is what would be considered the “hatch”

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Drop Shot for Deep Summertime Bass with Mark Davis

Mark Davis of Mount Ida, Arkansas, long-time professional bass fisherman, is one of the quiet giants of professional bass fishing. Davis has won the BASS Angler-of-the-Year title three times and has combined earnings from the BASS and the FLW circuits of almost $2 million. He’s also the only angler to win BASS Angler of the Year and the Bassmaster Classic in the same year (1995). This week, Davis will tell us how he catches bass in really-hot weather, one of his specialties.

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Being a Good Boat Partner – The Non-Boater

Accepting an invitation to join a friend on his or her boat for a day of fishing is a privilege. As with many potential relationships, your conduct during the outing will have a lot to do with being asked again. This compilation of dos and don’ts should help ensure that second date.

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Even the Pros Struggle to Re-locate Moving Bass

Of all the problems bass tournament pros face, being forced to re-locate moving bass that have suddenly moved ranks among the hardest to solve, and it happens often this time of year during the transition from spring into summer. It happened recently to Yamaha Pro Greg Vinson, who after leading a Bassmaster® Elite event for two days, lost his fish the next day and fell to 23rd in the standings.

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