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Rekindling The Passion – Feeling It Re-Ignite.

Rekindling The Passion – Feeling It Re-Ignite.

Now that I have faced the dilemma of being burnt out on bass fishing and having worked toward having the flame re-ignite deep in my soul, I want to speak about what it feels like to have that passion burn back again like a fire in the dark.

In years past, I would meticulously straighten my tackle and tackle boxes, I would clean my reels each spring and put new line on them from sitting all winter, and I would make sure that I was stocked on the items that I knew would catch fish.  Over the past 4 years, I think that I might have straightened my tackle once.  More recently, I condensed my tackle so that I could go fishing in a boat, which was an adventure in itself.  Imagine taking a foot locker worth of tackle and condensing it into a small tackle bag that is only meant to hold 4 clear trays that are 13″ long by 10″ wide (give or take).  Now, imagine having your tackle in such disarray that when you go to condense it, you can’t find half of what you really want.

Yes, that is when you know that you are burnt out on fishing.  That is when you realize that it may not be worth the time, energy, and money that you have previously put into it.

Now, here I am on the backside of being burnt out and I have that old itch again.  The Bait Monkey is slowly making his way back into his spot on my back and making me spend money that would be better spent on food or clothes, and making purchases for lures that are $6-$10 each.

Now, instead of quickly walking through the aisles of the fishing departments, I find myself actually looking at what is on the market now and seeing if it would fit my style of fishing.  I notice the colors of the lures, the sizes, the shapes…..I notice things that I have, for so long, stopped noticing.

That smoking torch in my soul where the fire for bass fishing resides is starting to catch fire again.  The feeling of having that passion re-ignite is pure magic.  I am now excited to fish again.  The daunting task of getting my tackle in order doesn’t seem like something that is going to be a waste of time.  Feeling the old familiar “tick-tick-tick” of a worm bite is starting to entice me back to the waterside.

For so many years, the water was my best friend.  It was the place that I turned to when I needed to relieve stress.  I turned to the water when I was searching my soul for an answer to one of life’s many riddles.  The largemouth bass became my brother.  Chasing them around the water was time well spent, either with friend and family, or by myself.

Yes, the fire has been re-ignited.  From this point on, I am forevermore a Basshole.  I stand beside the passion that I have found again and I will take it for all that it is worth.

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