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Welcome to Fishinpedia’s Bass Fishing Community’s New Front End

Welcome to Fishinpedia’s Bass Fishing Community’s New Front End

When I first started Fishinpedia, my goal was to create a bass fishing website that far exceeded the first site that I created, The Bassholes. The Bassholes was very popular in the fishing industry but from my point of view it was lacking in many areas. To change that site to a point where I was satisfied with it’s design would have been a project so enormous that it was just not worth disrupting the community and possibly losing all our data. Starting a new site altogether was a much better idea in my humble opinion. Hence, Fishinpedia was born.

Many may be wondering where our wonderful bass fishing forums and community have been moved to. They are still here and all the data is still there in it’s entirety.  The address to the forums has only been modified and it is now located at You will find a button to reach our forums in the t op menu bar as well as a graphical button in the right hand side bar of the site. We want to be sure you have zero issues getting to our forums.

This front end will house bass fishing articles, blogs, social media updates, photos, videos, and countless other amazing  features, some which will be entirely unique to Fishinpedia. It is still a work in progress at this point. Expect many features to be added over the next couple weeks. Full integration with Facebook, Twitter and social media in general will be implemented in the next day or so.

We also intend to do our very best to provide you with the latest and most current fishing industry and tournament news as well as how to articles from a multitude of sources.  If you are a writer and would like to contribute to our site please contact us.

I hope you enjoy our new site and become a regular visitor of Fishinpedia.

Tattered Thumbs & Bigguns, Jared


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