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“Whoppers, Poppers and Toppers”, TONIGHT’s Bass Chat, Thursday, June 15th, at 8:30pm

“Whoppers, Poppers and Toppers”, TONIGHT’s Bass Chat, Thursday, June 15th, at 8:30pm

Warm waters mean active fish due to their metabolism being maxed out. The need to feed driving their every move. They have to eat and what better way could there be to “feed” them than with a topwater offering.

Topwater fishing is perhaps the most exhilarating method of bass fishing. Watching our bait chug, pop, gurgle and glug across the lake only to see the surface explode as a big bass hammers our bait is the moment we all envision in our dreams.

There are countless topwater baits, both new and old, to get the job done. Tonight, we will discuss many of these baits and the methods to fish them as well as the tackle employed to increase our chances of catching fish on topwater.

Please come chat with us TONIGHT, Thursday, June 15th, as we focus on “Whoppers, Poppers and Toppers” Share your stories, opinions and advice or ask any questions you have. Come join the fun. There will be a lot of useful information shared for sure. Members will start arriving after 8 PM Eastern and chat will start officially at 8:35 PM Eastern Time and 7:35 PM Central Time.

To join us, just be sure to be logged into the forums and click the “BASS CHAT” button at the top of the Quick Links menu in the upper left of the site.

I look forward to seeing everyone in chat.

Tattered Thumbs, Jared


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